Paris Saint Germain
Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain

Below you can see this season’s fixture list for Paris Saint-Germain at Parc de Prince with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We sell tickets to all matches in Ligue 1 and for all Paris Saint-Germain's international matches.


* We are an official tickets destributor for PSG and all reservations are operated and handled through Travel Connection Leisure.

* All matches are set for Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays depending on TV. Exact match date and time will be confirmed 1 to 3 weeks before the match weekend!

* When you have completed and paid your booking, your booking is finalized. You will receive your original football ticket as an e-ticket(PDF document) 8-14 days before the match. This e-ticket you need to print and bring a copy, together with a valid photo ID, directly to Parc des Prince, where you exchange the e-ticket to your orignal football tickets.

* All ticket prices are INCL. booking fee to PSG, Travel Connection Leisure and us. So the price each ticket will be more expensive if booking here, than if you book directly at PSG. The total fee you pay here is seldom more than 40% BUT for A-matches(Like Monaco, St. Etienne, Lille, Marseille. Montpellier, Brest and Champions League) the total booking fee can be more!

* You can either book normal Long Side tickets or Long Side Tickets VIP(Espace International) which incl. premium match ticket + pre match hospitality with open bar & appetizers + match program, TV screens & hostesses

* Click HERE to see a Arena map of Parc de Prince

* We cannot guarantee you exact sections, row and seats at Parc de Price. We only guarantee that the tickets are on Long Side or Long Side VIP(Espace International).


Parc des Princes Arenainfo
Parc des Princes.

Parc des Princes

Seatingplan, Parc des Princes Seatingplan Seatingplan Parc des Princes


Parc des Princes, 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, Paris
View map, Parc des Princes View map

View map, Parc des Princes

Porte de Saint-Cloud Station

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